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The Vanguard Group is like no other Retail Brokerage, Property Management, and Tenant Service Company, for we lease, market, sell, purchase, assist tenants and manage each property as if it were our own. We maintain a unique client focus, which enables us to provide these services the way you would, if you had the time, resources and 75 years of experience. We believe a promise is only as good as the depth of its commitment, and, at Vanguard, a promise made is a promise kept. We are dedicated to providing each client with unsurpassed, personalized service.

The Vanguard Group has assembled a team of professionals who believe that each client's unique requirements are of the utmost importance. Our philosophy is totally client driven. We are unlike other real estate firms, which may allow their interests to be placed ahead of their clients. We are dedicated to time~the time it takes to meet with prospective clients, the time necessary to determine their individual requirements and the time needed to provide the very best service. It is this philosophy that has guided our company and resulted in extraordinary success.

Our record demonstrates that clients understand the indispensable role we play. Whether it is retail brokerage, property management or tenant services, we are a unique company with vision, expertise and experience. We bring parties together to complete real estate transactions. No other company performs these services as effectively. We achieve results.

The Vanguard Group is a different kind of firm, for we focus on your needs above all else. We work diligently to maintain the highest level of service for you~our client.

The Vanguard Group
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